Recommended Site: Find Your Inner Entrepreneur Goddess!

I found this great website for female entrepreneurs and thought you might want to check it out.

Filled with helpful how-to articles, videos and tips,  the site is fun, well-layed out, and easy to navigate. The owner of the site, Kate Skow, and I may do some things together soon, so check it out and go visit her.

One of my primary goals in developing this blog is to unify the field. In my own research for help with my entrepreneur adventure, I have found many resources, but mostly they are scattered and frankly, they vary in their relevance wildly.

In the larger business journals, you only get a smattering of female focused articles, mostly ones that compare how we do against men (how many businesses we start, how often we fail, how effective or not we are in obtaining financing, etc.) I guess that can be helpful, and I hold out hope that the larger establishments come around to fully embrace our power group, but for now, we have to turn to more progressive thinkers.

Since there are many types of female entrepreneurs and lots of business models they follow, I intend to gather together the tools and help we all need to be successful. Not just the hard fact type of help but also the emotional and psychological assistance. Entrepreneur Goddess is a good example of what I mean.

So, go visit her and tell her I sent you. And, if you have a favorite female entrepreneur focused website to recommend, be sure to post it. The more we all communicate and share, the stronger we become! 🙂

Vicki Flaugher


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  1. […] Goddess was featured on Vicki Flaugher’s blog Smart Woman Guides! Thanks for the great write-up Vicki. We both look forward to uniting forces in order to empower […]

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