Time and Teamwork: Your 4-hour Work Week

I noticed that I tend to put in a P.S.  about delegation, so I felt I should go at my message more directly: Get some help in your business–now!

I know it’s hard to imagine it, but you can have a life outside of your work. You deserve it and you need it. Long periods of constant work reduce your creative abilities, cause health problems, and make you cranky. It’s an illusion that it actually moves your business forward. I work at home, I understand the issue, but I  am serious that it is not helping you. I think deep down you know that too.

Entrepreneurship is about following your joy.  Sure you’re going to work, but it’s time to re-examine the attitudes about it. Do any of these sound  familiar? Are you guilty of thinking/doing any of these?

  • If I don’t do it, no one else will.
  • It would take me more time to train someone than just do it myself.
  • I  don’t have the budget to hire people.
  • No one else can do it exactly like I want it done.
  • Insert your favorite reason/excuse here…
  • I  don’t know very many entrepreneurs who intended, when they left the “real” job world, to work all the time, but that’s what many of us do. I have done it too and there is a solution.

    I read this really cool book by Tim Ferriss that gives you a roadmap to working more productively. Tim is this amazing young man who has learned the art of the outsource. He’s very cheeky and hip and he guides you through the ins and outs of contracting out your work.

    The idea is that you focus on what you are best at and only that. There is no reason to focus on your weaknesses.  I know that we are taught to, but ignore that for now.  There is no sense in it. It only makes you meagerly better at something you were bad at in the first place.

    Focusing on your strengths, that’s a different story. You can take what you are great at and become world class super-star amazing at it. That’s better, right?

    Check out Tim’s book.  It’s a fun and easy read and gives very practical advice. It’s one of my favorites and it gives a true mindset shift that will benefit you and your business. Hey, you might even be able to go on vacation this year with your family if you follow what he says…hmmm…..

    Vicki Flaugher

     Click here to go check Tim’s book out ====>>


    2 Responses

    1. I am a huge fan of delegating tasks. Why be miserable at a task you don’t want to do and are not even good at? Your business will only suffer as a result. Part of being a mature person (and entrepreneur) is recognizing your shortcomings and either doing something to improve upon these points or delegating the entire task to someone else. Whether it’s accounting, web design, or organizing your business it is important to get help! Bartering (trading services) is an excellent and NO cost way of getting the help you need in the areas you need. Find someone in your area of need and plan a trade!

    2. I, personally, am uber bad at accounting, and only so-so at web programming. Like many others, I sometimes struggle with the emotional admission of needing help, but I am always glad when I do reach out and get some.

      The bartering suggestion is a clever idea. I have found that craigslist is a good option (http://www.craigslist.org) for barter, trade, and gig work. Also, there are many virtual assistant options on the web–I will try to gather together some alternatives and share it. Thanks for posting!


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