Recommended Website: Divabiz at Prosperity Cast Network

I am not very good at MLM network marketing. I get the concept and I have respect for it, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it. Partly because I tend to be very solo, stay in my office cave and work on my computer more than go out and meet people. I enjoy people but I am not a social butterfly.

Well, to compensate for my lack, I found a website to recommend to you.

You can go and get very solid general business advice (loved the 16 Steps on Becoming a Success in Your Home Based Business post) as well as information on how to make your MLM work. I’ve emailed the owner and she is passionate and committed to the success of women entrepreneurs, (my kind of woman! :-)) so go check her out and tell me what you think.

As always, your recommendations are welcomed and encouraged here. Do you have a favorite female focused site you’d like to highlight here? Be sure to post it and tell us about it. The internet is like a huge information shopping mall to me and I just love being told about great places to go visit, so speak up!

Until next time, best of success!
Vicki Flaugher



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