What is an Emerging Woman Entrepreneur?

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I confess I have an agenda. I am passionate about connecting with and empowering women. Not just any woman, but the 35-55 year old female entrepreneur–what I call the “Emerging Woman Entrepreneur”.

I am often asked “Why just 35-55 year olds?” and “Why just entrepreneurs?” and of course “Do you not like men?”. Fair questions and here are my answers.

Women go through a dramatic life change during the 35-55 year span. I call it the “Second Coming of Age”. It’s like a redux of puberty, with all the incumbent insecurities, questionings, and discoveries. (Read about it in New Passagesby Gail Sheehy, and Marianne Williamson’s latest book The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife.) I personally have experienced it (and still am) and I have not yet met a woman who hasn’t. It’s not imagined or just a physiological result of the onset of menopause. It’s a spiritual, emotional, and psychological awakening.

Myself, I began at about 38 years of age to deeply examine all aspects of my life. At the end of my contemplation, I chose to get divorced, quit my high stress corporate job, travel, and finally, embrace my entrepreneurial calling. And, for the first time ever, I felt free and in control. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with those feelings, but they were fully there.

The essence of my quest came from asking what I wanted. I quit focusing on pleasing others and came to terms with what I wanted my life to be. Life began to seem too short to compromise anymore. So, I stopped, and it opened up a whole new world of choices that I now have before me.

I see many women who have followed the societal path of being an employee when they weren’t really well suited for it. The joy that honoring my entrepreneur inside gave me was something that had to be shared. And I knew that other women who hadn’t found theirs yet needed encouragement, especially during the sometimes dark days of their Second Coming of Age. I hope to offer that encouragement.

Lastly, I love men. Seriously. I enjoy the way they think and I appreciate how they see the world. (They go through their own awakening, but that’s another story). In the same way that I am not a mother so I cannot fully understand their mindset, I too cannot fully understand and speak to men’s needs. So, I stick with what I know and can speak honestly about. Ultimately, all are welcome here who seek to understand or can relate to what we’re discussing. It’s an open door.

I hope this sheds some light for you.  What do you think? Have you experienced this? Please share your own stories-I Iove the value of sharing.

Vicki Flaugher



6 Responses

  1. Hi Vicki

    Congratulations! Your Emerging Woman Entrepreneur blog is wonderful and so needed. It certainly resonates with me. I love your agenda and your characterization of the Second Coming of Age for Women. My spiritual, emotional, and psychological awakening didn’t come until I was in my 40s. Mine continues, too, and I suspect, will continue, until the end of my life.

    This is an exciting time to be alive! I am realizing more and more the value that women create within our families and in society. I want them to know that and to be empowered. I believe your pages here will give more women the opportunity to give themselves permission to become successful entrepreneurs, no matter who or where they are. That’s all we need. Our own permission. Not anyone else’s.

    Thank you so much for recommending my site. I think we all need to support each other. There is enough room in the universe for all of us entrepreneurs to have happiness and prosperity.

    Cheers to your continued success

    Angela Baden
    DivaBiz at The Prosperity Cast Network

  2. Thank you for the kind welcome and your insighful words, Angela. I think it’s an exciting time too and I am glad you and your readers are part of it!

    To your continued success–the future is bright!
    Vicki Flaugher

  3. Vicki–

    This is a wonderful and much needed site. You express so many of the feelings that come with the self-exploration process at midlife. I’m far older than you and I can say that the years keep getting better and better. For women, the second season of life often brings the riches rewards. Your advice will help others reach their potential and realize these rewards in their own lives.

    Kudos to you!

    Mary Eileen Williams


  4. Thanks for joining our conversation, Mary Eileen. I am happy to hear that the journey ahead is sweet and rewarding. Without the women who went before us, we would all be less and without each of us reaching back to the younger generation, we are lost. I do firmly believe that together we are stronger and I am grateful every day for the opportunities out there. Be sure to come back and visit!
    Vicki Flaugher

  5. As a women of 36 years of age, I share some of your feelings. I began my entr. journey at 31 and rewarding it is.

  6. Thanks for your comments, Leah. I love you site. (Readers, you should all go check it out—tons of information there!) I hope you will keep involved in our conversation, Leah. You have a lot to offer.

    Vicki Flaugher

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