Breaking News: Chicken Soup for Authors’ Souls–Get Published Now!

Okay,  I am SO excited! Recently in LA I attended an event where Mark Victor Hansen spoke (of Chicken Soup for the Soul) and he announced a new publishing venture he was about to launch. Besides committing his considerable energy and wealth toward abolishing poverty, he is also working to change the face of publishing. Great guy and great idea. Here’s the deal:

It’s free to get started. You can publish your stuff (all types of files) and either give it away or charge whatever you want and split the proceeds with the site. If you don’t like it, you stop doing it and all the copyrights remain with you. You keep control.

Most publishers charge 80-90% (yes, that is not a typo) to publish you and they do little to no promotion or marketing. They also traditionally retain certain rights (like the right to make audio recordings of your book, or develop training materials from them as an example). Not much of a deal, right?

This site is a 50/50 split and knowing Mark, it’s going to take off like a rocket. You can also earn an affiliate commission for referring others, so if you know the next Stephen King, sign up and send them an invitation.

The site went live TODAY, so sign up for your account and start loading up your files. E-books, audios, whatever, just get yourself out there. Don’t be afraid or intimidated, just get involved. I have! I want all of you to email me once you post stuff so I can go check it out, ok?

Here’s how to get there: You Publish

Go there and check it out and watch for SmartWoman offerings in the future. And for your own sake, get your own stuff up there too. Everyone’s got a book in them–it’s time to let it out! 🙂

Together, we are stronger!

Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman



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