Goals are Overrated

I am a little bit of a list maker. Not totally obsessive, but bad enough. And, I have made lots of lists that include my goals for my entrepreneur adventure and business success. Not a darned one of them got accomplished by being on that list.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I watched The Secret(and loved it) and I have dozens of Brian Tracy books and tapes (like Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time), and I believe in focus. But a goal cannot stand on its own. You must take action and it must be the right action to achieve what you desire. See if you relate to any of these downsides to goals:

Sometimes the act of distilling down a proper goal drains the energy off it. You feel like you’ve accomplished so much because you’ve spent so much mental energy capturing it with the perfect wording and description. By being so exacting you’ve taken away the excitement of the journey and it feels too clinical to do, so, well, you don’t.

Sometimes you make it so small it should be a to-do item not a goal, or you make it so big that it should be on a miracles list. Something so small seems hardly worth any effort and the enormous goal seems overwhelming and unachievable. Either way, it still does not get done.

I’m going to go off the beaten path now–one of the other downsides of goals (and rigidly seeking them) is you leave no room for the wonder and mystery of the Universe to do Its stuff. If you had all the answers and had found the definitive, perfect way to achieve satisfaction, success, and progress, you would be doing it, right? Why write that down at all?

Truth is, most of us aren’t completely sure. We think we know the best way, we have done our best to figure it out, but ultimately, we hope so, not know so. If we don’t open our hearts and minds to the unknown and trust that the very best options are there for us to discover, how will we ever know so? The Universe wants to cooperate with us–let’s give Her some room to speak to us!

Next time you decide you need to write out your goals, be honest with yourself. Look at what you hope to gain, not just the thing itself. In the same way a middle aged man may want a Ferrari (when he really wants to feel young again, not own a new car), so too we much ask for the truest end. Take the time to investigate what would make you happy and move you forward and ask for that thing directly. Sure, make lists that lead you there, but never forget that the journey is part of the fun. Flexibility is a blessing.

And, when you’re done with your list, add “this or something better for the greatest good of all”. Then, TAKE ACTION! Get moving and you will achieve. Let the journey, not the process of preparing for the journey, be your joy.

Until next time, remember–together, we are stronger!
Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman



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