My Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Me

My sweetheart and meToday my sweetheart asked me what I call what I do now. Some might say I am a serial entrepreneur. Some might say I can’t make up my mind. It is true that I have been through many morphing versions of entrepreneurship and frankly, my sweetheart’s confused. (He’s one of my best referral sources, so it’s smart for me to keep him up to date.)

I had to think for a bit and I responded that I provide goods and services to empower female entrepreneurs. He then mentioned that I still do some business development consulting, he mentioned the other websites I intend to develop, he mentioned the authors I help launch books for, and well…he’s still confused.  I admit I am an enigma.

After some discussion, I told him more generally that I a niche marketer. He then promptly asked me what was the going rate for “niches”, how many people wanted a niche marketed to them,  and are we going to have to store the overflow niche inventory in the garage. I think he was kidding…

My point is that it pays to take a moment to really contemplate your work. How would you describe what you do? Does it sound, out loud, like you intend in your head? Could you give what they call an “elevator pitch” in under a minute that would attract your client to you? If not, when do you intend to pull that together?

Myself, I am taking the weekend to think it through and work toward accurately verbalizing what I do. I will share it with you on Monday. Maybe you could join me and take some breathing time to really analyze your role and share it here with us.

By the way, my boyfriend does really get me and he agreed to let me poke fun at him. And, that jovial conversation today on our walk served a good purpose. It helped me to focus. That is always a good thing.

Together, we are stronger.
Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman


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