Qassia: Better than Squidoo and Wikipedia

Qassia is this great encyclopedic website where you can post “intel” for free and get backlinks to your website, advertising credit, and advertising revenue. It’s in private beta-version now so you can only join through invitation so here’s the link
Qassia Private Invitation Link

You add info–not just egghead stuff, but normal stuff–and you get points for it. You get points for posting intel (if it’s original & never published, you get the most). You get points for reviewing and rating other people’s intel. You get points for referrals.

Unlike Wikipedia, your stuff won’t get edited but the users rate it. You can write in any voice or style you want. It can be something as simple as the great neighborhood bars in Soho to a thesis on evolution. Whatever floats your boat!

The points are rewarded in “Qassia dollars” that determine your ranking on their pages. More networth, more visibility. They are also tossing around the idea that you might get to spend your virtual dollars on other stuff, but that’s not decided yet.

Also, they will pay you 100%  of the revenue from the Adsense ads that people click through while they are on your intel page. So, if you have good stuff that people like reading (and more of it), the likelihood of people clicking on relevant ads goes up. That could mean cha-ching in your bank account!

I have added 16 articles about search engine optimization and internet marketing. If nothing else, go read my articles. If the site looks interesting to you, sign up. Why not, right?

Qassia’s goal is to bloom into a vast intelligence engine, with content that real people, like you and me, create. The community does not encourage pitching, so don’t do it–you will be smacked down for that, but I have had many people visit my blog and email me from the articles I’ve posted.

If you provide real value and service, you will be rewarded. Here’s the link again:
Qassia Private Invitation Link

See what you think!

Together, we are stronger.
Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman

p.s. If you sign up, BE SURE to validate your account through the confirmation email you will receive, otherwise you won’t be properly signed up.


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