SmartWoman Manifesto

I sometimes get teased for my moniker, but I like it, so I use it. I wrote a manifesto some years ago to sum up my view. I felt I should republish it here to renew the message.

(The picture to the side is by Joyce Roe Flaugher, the original Mom of the original SmartWoman. Isn’t that cool?)

SmartWoman Manifesto

“A Smart Woman uses her entire toolbox of experiences, talents, feelings, logic, intuition, education, and yes, even her mistakes, to live her life authentically engaged. She takes the time to care for herself, evaluate what she really thinks and feels, and acts and reacts from a place of patient love, energized compassion, and balanced accountability. Choices are opportunities and she welcomes them. Opportunity leads to her future and she faces that future with a ready and willing heart and a nimble and open mind.

A Smart Woman respects others’ points of view while still making her own choices. She gives generously to others while nurturing herself. She knows the value of boundaries and is skillful in using them to build stronger relationships. She speaks up when she needs to and she knows how and when to supportively listen as she keeps her vision of peace and tolerance in sight. She knows when to walk away, wishing luck and best wishes to those who are on another path. She knows and values her true worth.

Adaptable, caring, capable, and clever, a Smart Woman embraces life and triumphantly whoops and hollers her way to joy. She claims her power and her divine birthright, as each of us do, in a myriad of infinitely beautiful and unique ways, creating a fulfilling life as a Smart Woman. She’s not out to prove anything to anybody. She is here to learn, live, love, laugh, and contribute.

I believe we all have a lot to share, to communicate, to witness, and to celebrate. I would feel honored and thrilled to know you are by my side. So, what do you think? Are you ready to explore? I hope so, because today, I am making firm plans and those plans include you. I am a Smart Woman with firm plans. Are you?”

Side note: If you google “smart woman” you see there are lots of others who are in solidarity. I have tried logging on to enough websites where the username “smartwoman” is already taken, so I must be on to something… 🙂

Together, we are stronger.
Vicki Flaugher, the  original SmartWoman

p.s. I promised in my weekend post to solidify “what I call what I do”. Here’s my first draft: “I empower female entrepreneurs by providing services and products that help facilitate their success.”

Not sure it’s a keeper, but what about you? What do you call what you do?  Do share!


2 Responses

  1. I like your first draft! It’s a good answer and very general.

    I hate it when people ask what I do because I don’t like to be defined by something specific. However, society wants an answer such as “marketing analyst” or “financial planner” or “business analyst” or “web designer” or “retailer” or “chef.” In reality these job descriptions say everything and nothing because the word “analyst” is broad and so is “financial” and “marketing.”

    I like the way you describe what you do because it encompasses everything while making your career sounds interesting and leaving it open for discussion. It’ll spark their interest to ask more questions at which point you can elaborate depending on interest level.

    By the way, which type of products & services?

  2. Katie,
    Thanks for your input. I agree with you about the labels. There are many who can’t live without them but me, I have a hard time with that. You’re right that it’s best if your answer leads to futher conversation. That’s right on the money!

    Products and services: My overreaching vision includes providing female friendly products to support the new entrepreneur. Tools, software, training materials, coaching, publishing, business plan development, internet business set-up, accounting systems, financing and grants, marketing, PR, legal info, etc.

    I would not be the author of all that, but rather find world-class providers and aggregate them here. There is so much out there that is very male oriented, i.e. not meant to compliment the way women run businesses and also not targeted toward women customers. My idea is to vet those products and give them the “SmartWoman Seal of Approval” and recommend the best of the best to my audience.

    I hope that gives you some additional clarity. Thanks for asking and thanks for your loyal reading. I appreciate it.

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