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I was invited by one of the SmartWoman readers to join a great website for female entrepreneurs and wanted to be sure you all knew about it. The website is

You need to be referred by a member, so when you sign up, you should tell them that Vicki Flaugher sent you. You can email me for a private invite  if you’d prefer a direct link. I’ll be happy to get it to you.

Divapreneur is free to sign up and it’s specifically designed to let you promo your business, network with other great women and, in general, find encouraging solidarity as we all ban together toward business success. I signed up tonight and I have already received several warm welcomes. How fun!

Divapreneur is not a stuffy, cubicle dweller’s heaven. Far from it! The website is pink and feminine with multiple organized community groups and lots of female entrepreneur focused marketing. The graphics are fun and sassy. And, it’s easy to connect with other women who can help you.

You can create and customize your own webpage that links to other social networking media and you can start a blog there too. Cool, right? It’s very well done and a seamless presentation.

Divapreneur is the lovechild of Elaine Biss and her journey is an interesting and inspiring one. I can’t wait to get to know her better. Her specific mission is to help women become a success doing what they are passionate about. Elaine, you are officially an honorary SmartWoman. Bravo!

So, go check out and take advantage of this amazing network of women. Tell them Vicki Flaugher sent you. Maybe I can talk Elaine into an interview so you can hear how she developed her brilliant idea…Elaine? 🙂

Together, we are stronger.
Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman



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  1. I was looking to add Adsense on my blog so I went the forum to get some advice and I read your post. I just started blogging but I have so many ideas and I was just taking your advice and contacting you to see if you can help me to learn the blog business. Thanks and tell me what you think of my blog at

  2. Thank you for your post. I will contact you today and we can visit. I am happy to help you discover ways to make money with your blog. 🙂

    Your site looks great. Congratulations on getting it going!


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