SmartWoman Guides is Moving! Time to update your RSS Feeds and Bookmarks!

Tonight, in the dead of night, hopefully while you are all safe and warm in your beds, I will be transferring my blog here at wordpress to a self-hosted domain provider.

When the dust all settles, you will only have to type in to get to the proper website. When you wake up in the morning, all should be well.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have RSS fed or bookmarked my site here at wordpress directly  ( you will have to update your feeds and bookmarks. After this evening’s update, the wordpress address will be managed for a week or so longer in an effort to give my loyal readers a chance to update. I will have the new, proper address listed there for you to find me again.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this move causes you.  I reasoned that it was better to do it now, as a new blogger with a smaller audience, than to attempt it later when hundreds were visiting each day.

This move will provide me with more options to present paid resources to you, something does not particularly encourage.This added freedom should add value to your experience. I will still be personally reviewing any products so you don’t have to tolerate hyped up internet marketing scams on this site. I promise that I will only offer resources that are in line with the purpose and integrity of this community.

Another benefit is that I can add many useful flash and java plug-ins. Not only will these add interest to the site and be fun to look at but they will also increase the ease of navigation within the site. Easier and better! Anytime I can do easier and better, I take it.

I have enjoyed my experience here at wordpress and feel their contribution is invaluable. However, it’s time for make a change, so I am doing so.

Contact me if you should have any questions. Thank you for being my reader up until now and I invite you to join me at as our future continues to blossom.

Together, we are stronger.
Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman


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