Smart Woman Viewpoint

Oh, the definition of beauty…what is it to you? Ask ten men and you will get fifteen answers. Ask ten women and you’ll get just as many answers. Why then do so many of us complain there is only “one” version, restrictive and unobtainable?

In my opinion, it’s our confidence, or should I say, the lack of it. It’s easier to push away from an idea instead of embrace our uniqueness, accept ourselves as we are and be our best self. It takes allowance and loving kindness to see ourselves in the light of beauty.

It is hard to explain why one person sees beauty where another does not. In the end, our uniqueness is in fact our strength. Our ability to be ourselves as the divine, perfect expression of Life is the greatest make-up we could ever use. And who doesn’t find the lips of their lover beautiful? It’s all a matter of your confidence.



Beauty Secrets Of A Traveling Woman: 10 Simple Tips: Let’s face it, life on the go is challenging. Though, we still want to look our best on the road. When traveling for business you’re busy with client meetings, conferences and marathon days. The last thing you need to worry about is how your makeup looks. Remember to keep it simple and less is more when it comes to beauty on the go… (Click here to read more)

I am a Beautiful Woman: A bouquet of flowers gives me the confidence of a goddess. I feel special, beautiful and loved all at the same time. A smile from a child on the bus makes my day. When a guy breaks my heart, triple chocolate cake may be a temporary fix, but it will take much more to heal my broken heart and soothe my tears. (Click here to read more).

Is Your Skin Reaping These Benefits From Exercise?: When you think of exercise, do you think of toning your body? Maybe you think of losing weight or building muscles. Maybe your doctor has told you that you have to exercise for health reasons. There are a number of things that people think of when they think of exercise, but skin care is usually not one of them. (Click here to read more)


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