Smart Woman Viewpoint

Careers for the modern woman span a wide range of possibilities. My personal preference is being an entrepreneur, but I wanted to be sure to provide resources here for as many of the different roles women are playing in the workforce as possible.

Maybe you lead your own company, or serve others through the medical arts, or work on a manufacturing line, or work at home so you can be close to your children, or choose not to work outside the home….I could go on forever as there is no longer just one acceptable role women play in a career.

Career is a very rich topic, as many of our ideas about ourselves are shaped by our contribution in life. This section is dedicated with sincere gratitude to the pioneering women ahead of us all who opened the doors to our modern opportunities.  Now, go blaze your own trail for the next generation!


Is Being a WAHM For You?: Working from home can be a scary thing. Going through the motions to get to that point can be even scarier! A ton of questions go through your mind- Can we make it on one income if or until my business takes off? Can I focus enough to get a business off the ground? Am I qualified for what I want to pursue? (Click here to read more).

Women in the Global Work Force: In today’s business world, women are a growing part of the domestic and global workforce. It is estimated that worldwide about 70% of all working-age women now work outside of the home. Despite this, discrimination in the workforce continues to be a problem for women worldwide. (Click here to read more).


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