Confidence and Self-Esteem

Smart Woman Viewpoint

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”       Anna Quindlen

This quote is the essence of a healthy self-esteem. Being willing to see yourself clearly, faults and all, and proceeding forward anyway is what will build your confidence. Being kind to yourself as a person who is doing their best at all times is so helpful in imbuing self-esteem. We are gracious to everyone, it seems, but to ourselves, when we are often the most in need of unconditional reassurance and loving, tolerant support.

So, today, make a list of all your wonderful qualities and really be glad to be in your skin. Take a moment to worship yourself and your place in this world. Your uniqueness is needed here and no one else can do it but you. I am very glad you are you.



“Who’s Your Everybody?: What will Everybody think? How often have you uttered those words, or some form of them? I recently read Martha Beck’s fabulous “Finding Your Own North Star”, a must-read for anyone who is trying to live with a greater sense of purpose and freedom. No matter how far down this road you are, you’ll get some great tools, tips and insights in this irreverent but wise book. (Click here to read more)


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  1. Low self-esteem is a negative evaluation of oneself. This type of evaluation usually occurs when some circumstance we encounter in our life touches on our sensitivities. We personalize the incident and experience physical, emotional, and cognitive arousal. This is so alarming and confusing that we respond by acting in a self-defeating or self-destructive manner. ,

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