Smart Woman Viewpoint

Whether you paint, write, sing, garden, build houses, dance, cook or whatever, creativity allows you to tap into your inner source. It’s a lesson in letting go and letting flow and it can be one of the most satisfying experiences.

Many women I ask will tell me about their avocations and hobbies yet firmly claim they are not artistic. They just can’t seem to admit it. Are you one of those women? If so, why? Does it serve you to reject your artistic nature or are you willing to see life as an artistic work in process that you create through your interaction? I ask you to not hide in the closet anymore! Break out your beret and begin!



Increase Your Creative Flow: Manage Your Inner Critic: Sit down, pour a cup of tea, and have a conversation with your Critic.Your Critic is that inner alarm that rings–or yells or whines–every time you step out of its shifting safety zone. It zaps your energy with twisted logic, persistent arguments, inner sabotage, a option overload, and dread of fear and disapproval. (Click here to read more).

On Writing Poetry: My mother was an amateur artist who specialized in portraits. In spite of the fact that her art teacher told her she had too much talent for commercial art, she said she thought she would have been happy as a commercial artist. She never pursued “serious” art, a field which is notoriously hard to break into. Instead she married my father and painted on the side. (Click here to read more). 

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