Online Learning Offers Great Opportunities for Women

It’s a good time to be a working woman in the United States. In 2005, a record 66 million women were employed in the U.S. Most of those working women were employed in management and professional fields.

Women making the most money worked as pharmacists, making an average of $1,483 a week. Other hot jobs for women include:

  • Computer software engineers — $1,174/week

  • Medical and health services managers — $1,026/week

  • Physical therapists — $1,014/week

  • Human resource managers — $998/week

    But how can women, and especially a working woman with children, have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and degree they need to work in one of these fields?

    An Online Education Through Accredited Online Colleges Provides Answers

    Women looking for career advancement or a first great job can definitely benefit from an online education. The training required for many high-level jobs makes education for women more important than ever.

    There are many situations however that can cause women to take pause on whether they can pull off earning a degree with all the other responsibilities that vie for their time.

    For instance, women with children may find it hard to fit classes within the responsibility of taking care of the kids. But for women with children, an education should not have to take priority over those important responsibilities.

  • Getting an education online can be the solution for busy women with or without children.

    The Key Difference That Makes An Online Education Ideal

    The opportunities for women to earn a degree today are endless with vast online education resources and accredited online degrees available through the Internet.

    There are some key differences that make an online education more convenient, more accessible, and easier to complete for women.

    An online education gives women more freedom to learn. Logging on to classes instead of traveling to a campus means you don’t have to find a babysitter for your children or even spend the gas money to attend class.

    And for women who haven’t taken an exam in years, an online education means women can study course material on their own time.

    In addition, you have easy access to learning materials, teachers and other students through the online education network available to online students.

    Education Is the Key To Advancement

    No matter your gender, education makes everyone more likely to get a job and to make more money in many hot careers. Women looking for career advancement who want to make a difference in their lives should keep an online education in mind.

    Source: U.S. Department of Labor


    About the Author:

    Nancy Lambert is an executive for provides information on hundreds of degrees offered online through accredited colleges and universities. From online certificates to Associates, Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees, helps students and adults discover the advantages of earning their degree online.


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