Smart Woman Viewpoint

What does being empowered mean to you? Is it freedom, or a sense of control, or strength, or something else? Do you feel empowered or just wish you did?

Many women see empowerment as an ability to overpower others, to get their way. I believe, though, that empowerment gives you the self-assurance that you don’t have to push to get what you desire. You crystalize your vision, state it clearly with passion to the Universe, and then expect it to come to you—-and it does. That is empowerment to me.



The Power of Women:  Women and men have been attempting to re-define women as long as I’ve been alive, and long before that. Very little attention seems to be applied to the defining of men, though. Growing up in the sixties and seventies as a young girl, I paid attention to Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem, I read Erica Jong, I was torn between the style of glamour…(Click here to read more)


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