Smart Woman Viewpoint

Ever since I first read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, I have been fascinated with the idea of passive, leveraged, residual income. Being an entrepreneur has satisfied the curiosity kindled in me from that experience.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have your own business, turn your hobby into a revenue stream, thought you could “flip” a real estate investment, whatever…my opinion is for you to go for it. It’s not conventional, perhaps, to not have a “real job” but it sure can be incredibly satisfying. If you’d like to try, simply start.



Aware Entrepreneurs – Three Practices to Blend Spirituality with Meaningful Work: There are a few good questions that business owners, teachers and leaders ask when they are planning for growth in their classroom, their company or their life. Who are my students…or clients or friends…really? What makes them tick? And what is unique about the people I serve and regularly connect with? (Click here to read more)


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