Smart Woman Viewpoint

Health is a point of view and not just your blood pressure, your weight, your cholesterol, your muscles. It’s your mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness too. Stress can sap your energy and strength and repressing your emotions is a surefire way to create stress. Taking on more than you can truly handle is another way to encourage disease. Simply put, stress kills.

Developing a sacred practice, moving your body, breathing deeply, eating high quality foods, and focusing on a holistic approach to being healthy can add to the years you enjoy. Don’t you have a lot more living to do? Well, then start acting like it! Join a gym, take up dancing, shop at the local farmers market, learn emotional coping skills, but please just do whatever it takes to improve, honor and respect your health. You will miss it when it’s gone…



Ten Small Things That Can Add Big Years to Your Life: People have a will to survive, a desire to live a long and meaningful life. While there are certain things we can’t control, there are many that we can. From little things like wearing a seatbelt to eating a piece of fruit, many of us have the keys to our own survival in our hands. (Click here to read more).


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