Smart Woman Viewpoint

Everyone has experienced deja vu, or thought of a friend and seconds later they were getting a phone call from that very person. But what about that little voice inside of you that warns you not to go down a particular street, or speaks to you to dare to dream? What about the times you knew better and maybe didn’t choose better? When do you decide to listen to your gut and when do you ignore it?

Intuition is a delicate thing. You have to be willing to become quiet and listen and then take action. Intuition needs to be encouraged and trusted, exercised and respected. Call it a hunch, but I believe you know that you are powerful and discerning. I believe that you are a divine and perfect being guided by perfect perceiving.  I know you know what you need to know. Isn’t it time that you admitted it?



Trust Your Intuition: This past year I made a significant transition in my life. I moved – across country. As I considered the many decisions I had to make, I frequently listened to my intuition and checked in with my feelings to guide me. (Click here to read more).


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