Natural Lifestyle

Smart Woman Viewpoint

Living naturally doesn’t have to be boring. Think fresh, think delicious, think healthy, think full-on sensory experience. Think awareness…

Living a natural lifestyle is finding a way to live in the modern world while nurturing our connection with Nature, the Earth, and our inner Selves. To you, it might mean eating whole foods, to another it might mean using nature based  cosmetics. Still others it might mean giving up their TV and car and meditating on a mountain top as a celibate vegetarian.  Whatever it means to you, embrace it and live it fully.

Living naturally can be as small as planting a garden or as large as unplugging from “The Grid”, but wherever you take natural living, the point is to be in synch with your true nature and your highest expression of Self.  Be bold and live naturally! Life is too much fun to settle for a toxic, abusive, or non-supportive environment. Clean up your act and enjoy the benefits of a well-lived life!



Improve Your Health with Natural Foods: Remember the movie that came out recently where the fellow ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? If you saw the movie then you know the results of the month of junk food on the man’s body, mind and spirit. He basically felt and looked awful because of his poor food choices. Are you considering making big changes in your health by eating healthier? (Click here to read more).


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