Smart Woman Viewpoint

Even though this picture to the left may be inviting, not everyone relaxes the same way. You don’t have to meditate to enjoy the benefits of relaxation. There are lots of different ways to relax. The point is to pick one of those ways and engage in it regularly, preferably daily.

So, how do YOU relax? And, no, you aren’t going to get away with saying work relaxes me, so don’t even try it…

If you don’t know the answer immediately to my question, it’s time for you to unplug! Find what brings you a sense of calm, what helps your muscles to relax, and your mind to unwind. It might feel silly at first to just “do nothing” but the physical and mental advantages are huge. Your body needs conscious rest in addition to unconscious sleep and you’re in charge of your body. So, find something that you can turn to as a release from stress and a vehicle for peace of mind. And, yes, I mean TODAY.



Stress-Busters: 4 Relaxation Tips for Busy Women: If you are anything like countless other women on the planet, you often fly through the day, busy with work, busy with family, busy with your community, and too busy, it seems, for yourself. Every once in a while, you might think of taking a break from the stress with a weekend at a spa, or a brief getaway. But, then, of course, something comes up. (Click here to read more).


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