Smart Woman Viewpoint on Aging

Many of us have a bittersweet relationship with the aging process. Some embrace their wrinkles while others embrace Botox. Still others pretend that aging, the prelude to our ultimate demise, is not really even happening, and they repress their emotions and squander their time.

It’s time to come to terms with our faces, our bodies, our hopes and our dreams. Time heals all and compassion shines like the sun from the inside out. I invite you to let your light shine! 

For me, it’s all about perspective. While very few of us actually celebrate the loss of youth’s dewy freshness, even fewer of us want to be so young and so foolish again.

When we focus on our spirit and honor our health and our bodies, a new radiance emerges. We feel young at heart. Maybe we still look sexy in a pair of tight jeans or turn some heads. Maybe not, yet often we are the most beautiful woman in the world to our newest grandchild and through the tender eyes of our loved ones. 




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